Carlos Felipe is a filmmaker working internationally in Commercials, Music Videos, and Documentaries.

Carlos’ distinct eye has been influenced by the combination of American culture and his South American ancestry.

Authenticity, humanity, and relatability make up Carlos’ filmmaking DNA. The feeling of real, true experience pervades all of his work. His narratives, scenes, and vignettes, all share a cohesive feel; an intimate, modern, edgy, and kinetic vibe. One that isn’t overly stylized, nor “presented”.

Carlos' drive is fueled by his desire to explore the world, create compelling visuals, meaningful narratives, and meet new people along the way.

He has recently completed a series of bilingual Commercials for McCafé, shot in Mexico City, as well as a series of short documentary portraits for Wildxyz, highlighting emerging and established artists as they learn, grow, and reimagine art while transitioning from the traditional and physical art world into the NFT and Web3 space. These were shot on location in the Catskills Mountain region of Upstate NY.





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