made in space | recycler video


What is it?

This is a video that explains the details about the Recycler, an exciting new technology developed by Made In Space, which was created for recycling plastic in space and then using that same plastic to build different tools that would help astronauts on the International Space Station.

What did we do?

The Made In Space creative and marketing team contacted us to work on the post-production of the video. We were in charge of the creative editing, graphic design and animation, color correction, sound design and audio mix.

Who else was involved?

The Made In Space creative and marketing team shot all the interviews of the researchers involved in the creation of the Recycler. The team also sent us a detailed brief of what there expectations were of the video, and worked hand-in-hand with us during the post-production process.

What was the result?

The result is an inspiring video that details the Recycler, a truly revolutionary invention for space travel and the future of mankind.