norwegian cruise line | norwegian joy


What is it?

This is a video for Norwegian Cruise Line where they present the new Norwegian Joy cruise ship.

What did we do?

We were in charge of the post-production of the video, from the editing to the color correction, to the 3D graphics.

The audio for this video was especially challenge. The client sent us the music that they wanted to use. It was a fun track with some variations, but after starting work the editing process we realized that we needed to add more instruments and other effects to the music so it would work better with the video. At that point we collaborated with our audio partners at Chaliwa Music+Sound, who added some new music elements and they did a great job making the track more dynamic and complex. That made a huge difference in the final video.

Who else was involved?

We worked very closely with Norwegian’s creative and marketing team. They gave us a very detailed brief regarding the look and feel that they wanted for the video, graphics references, among other things that were very helpful to pull of this fun video.

What was the result?

The result is a very fun video that highlights all the different experiences and attractions that everyone can enjoy on board of the Norwegian Joy cruise ship.