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What is it?

“Misión: Lo mejor de ti” is a short content series, where five Colombian women get the opportunity to transform themselves internally and externally thanks to three experts in styling, hair & make-up and life coaching.

What were we thinking?

Discovery Home & Health Colombia was launching a special week of fashion and transformation programming, but they needed “something” to keep viewers glued to their seats during commercials break. So we developed a strategy to create a regionalized and original short content series named “Misión: Lo mejor de ti”, hosted by three experts in life coaching, styling and hair & makeup.

Each day of the week we had a different woman with an interesting and compelling personal story that was guided by our three experts. The stories were broken down in to different chapters and each one was revealed during commercial breaks.

In addition to the stories, we created different content that was used on-air, online and in social media.

What did we do?

Our role in this project was the concept creation, executive production, creative & content direction and the On-Air content strategy.

Who else was involved?

Our friends at Dynamo Producciones in Bogotá were in charge of the production and post-production of the shorts.

What was the result?

The short series received great reviews from the channel executives and ad sales clients. It was definitely a viewer’s favorite, so much so it helped Home & Health Colombia to have its best-rated week that year.