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What is it?

“Mujeres Home & Health” is a series of shorts that highlight the lives and personal experiences of eight remarkable Colombian women that have achieved success in a variety of careers.

What were we thinking?

Discovery Home & Health wanted to create short content to celebrate March as a women’s month in Colombia. Being the brand 100% focused on women, for us it was a natural choice to create a series of shorts that introduce to the audience a group of successful and remarkable Colombian women. The idea was to get to know these women’s stories through their own words, while setting an example of empowerment for other women.

But how to chose what women to highlight? Since Discovery Home & Health has “thematic nights” based on the different aspects of any woman’s life, we decided to have a variety of successful women that could represent these brand themes, in order to have an interesting and engaging mix of personal stories.

What did we do?

Our role in this project was the concept creation, executive production, creative & content direction and the On-Air content strategy.

Who else was involved?

Our friends at Dynamo Producciones in Bogotá were in charge of the production and post-production of the shorts.

What was the result?

The executives of Discovery Home & Health were incredible happy with how the shorts came out. We succeeded in creating a series of honest, engaging and empowering stories from a broad range of interesting women. Also the Colombian audience received the shorts very well, creating a lot of buzz and conversations on social media.