Jessica Carrillo and crew members in a Miami studio video shooting session with Alexa Mini camera

what we do

Think Twice is a one-stop shop committed to creative excellence and thorough execution in video production.

We create branded content, commercials, original content, short format content, trailers, promo spots, marketing videos, sizzle reels… Put in a sentence, we produce all kinds of video content, in all formats, and for all purposes. We work for large corporations, small businesses, television stations, advertising agencies, digital and social media channels.

The nature of the projects we work on is varied, too. We’re usually called onboard during project-development stage to help out with idea generation and the pre-production process. But we’ve also worked on projects for the shooting production exclusively. We’ve even helped in the post-production suite, honing the product and taking care of delivery.

  • Content & Creative Services
    content & creative
    • Content Strategy
    • Content Development & Execution
    • On-air & Digital Campaign Strategy
    • On-air Promos Short-format & Interstitial Content
    • Scripted & Non-scripted Original Content
    • Tutorials & Explainer Videos
    • Testimonials & Floating Heads
    • Video Coverage & Live Events
    • Sizzle Reels
  • Production Services
    • Location Management
    • Film & Photo Shooting Sessions
    • Set & Production Design
    • Cinematography
    • Aerial Video & Photography
    • Lighting & Grip
    • Audio Recording
    • Make-up & Styling
    • Special Effects
  • Post-production Services
    • HD & 4K Video Editing
    • 2D & 3D Motion Graphics
    • Visual Effects & Compositing
    • Color Correction
    • Foley, Sound Design & Audio Mix
    • Video Encoding, Formatting and Media Delivery
view projects
Miguel Gurwitz leaning towards an Alexa Mini LF camera mounted on a Fisher Dolly
Director David Navarro with Julio Vaqueiro on the filming set of a news campaign
Vanessa Hauc in front of the Alexa Mini camera in a studio video shooting session in Miami
Street shooting setup filming Honda sedan in Miami
Exterior shoot with Alexa Mini camera of ViX 'Algo Personal con Jorge Ramos' spot
Steven Bailey and crew members on exterior shoot at Kennedy Space Center