Studio workstations area with a grafitti-painted wall | Think Twice studio

a space for
creative thinking

They say, “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

That’s why our office offers a cheerful, light, and welcoming atmosphere. We think it has a positive vibe in the air; that sparks creativity and brings people together in collaborative work.

You’re welcome to come visit us any time you like, just give us a shout and we’ll have coffee or a beer waiting for you!

Studio workstations area with artistic paintings on back wall | Think Twice studio
Entrance to post-production suite | Think Twice studio
Award statuettes against a graffiti-painted wall backdrop | Think Twice studio
Post-production suite equipment in front of sofa and grafitti-painted wall | Think Twice studio
Post-production suite equipment and kitchen in the background | Think Twice studio
Room with meeting table, chairs and wall-mounted screen mirroring laptop content | Think Twice studio
Entrance to small room with sofa and laptop computer | Think Twice studio
Plant, toy statuette and toy figure against white wall | Think Twice studio
The Simpsons toy figurines on a studio desktop | Think Twice studio
Cactus, Radiohead poster and books on top of white cabinet | Think Twice studio
Apple iMac computer and decorative elements on workstation desktop | Think Twice studio
Backpack resting on top of sitting bench against a graffiti-painted wall | Think Twice studio
Studio office wall decorated with grafitti-painted, cartoonish animals | Think Twice studio
Workstations area at artistic-looking studio office | Think Twice studio
Wide angle view of workstations area at artistic-looking studio office | Think Twice studio

the neighborhood

There are plenty of reasons to think of Miami as one of the best filming locations in the United States. Producers and companies from all parts of the world come here attracted by the sunny beaches, the glamour, the luxury, the multicultural vibe, or the distinctive architecture.

Our studio offices are located at the heart of the Design District. It’s an eclectic neighborhood, with famous brands flagship stores, funky art galleries, specialty coffee shops, and some of the best restaurants in Miami. It’s one of the most “instagrammable” places in the world, and a fantastic location for commercials, music videos, scripted or non-scripted series, and, of course, social media content.

come visit us
Color arches vanishing point | Fendi Store, Miami Design District
Manga inspired caryatids by Nicolas Buffe | The Museum Garage, Miami Design District
Urban Jam facade by Clavel Arquitectos | The Museum garage, Miami Design District
Le Corbusier sculpture by Xavier Veilhan | Miami Design District
Office building with artistic-painted facade | Miami Design District
Gardens, sculpture and stores at The Miami Design District