Celeste has been telling stories, whether short or long, for more than 20 years. She started her advertising career as an executive producer, and then worked as an assistant director in advertising, film and television. She trained with directors such as Andy Fogwill, Agustín Alberdi, Juan Campanella, Pablo Agüero, Edi Flehner and Wino, among others.

As a director, Celeste loves to constantly experiment, leaving her with a varied body of work that includes commercials, short documentaries, short films and music videos. She has work for clients such as Ford, Johnnie Walker, Unilever, Claro and Cabify, to name a few.

Celeste’s latest achievement was being awarded an INCAU grant to shoot a short film that she co-directed with Marina Artigas, called Nélida. The film debuted at the 2023 José Ignacio Film Festival, where it was prized with the People’s Choice Award and will now begin its journey through the festival circuit. She previously filmed Nena, co-produced between Argentina and Uruguay, which was selected in the 2019 La Mujer y el Cine Festival, opened the DETOUR Film Festival in Montevideo in October 2019, was screened at the Filmets-Badalona Film Festival in 2020 and was selected for the Patagonia Media Festival 2020. Currently, she has two short films in pre-production: one dives into the horror genre, with the script based on a story by Mariana Enriquez, while the other will be more experimental, shot on 16mm.


Hero Spot


Calles Con Nombres De Jugadores

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Pedidos Ya


Pedidos Ya



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Proyecto Naranja


Vizzio - Conmigo

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