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What is it?

Flipea con Andrea is a non-scripted original series developed and produced by Think Twice for Discovery En Español GO app.

What were we thinking about?

Home remodeling shows are a trend, but every time we finish watching one of them we end up thinking: “I would love to remodel my home but it’s very expensive and complicated”. What would happen if we show that it doesn’t always have to be that way?

“Flipea con Andrea” is a short format in which we show easy ways to give a fresh and new look to specific areas in a home or apartment without having to spend a fortune or invest weeks of work.

What did we do?

We started working on a show structure and a script model. A key part of the project was finding the right talent to be the hosts/interior designers in charge of the renovation projects. We soon found Andrea Minsky and Manu Rodríguez, who we thought would make a terrific sidekick.

We pitched the idea to Discovery and they thought it could work on the Discovery En Español GO app, so they gave us the green light to shoot a short content pilot. We set up a work schedule, reunited the crew, and found a renovation project. Shooting was completed in two couple of days -time constraint is at the heart of the show, after all.

Who else was involved?

We thank Erika De La Vega for letting us shooting the show in her house. After the two days of shooting, Erika was very pleased with the transformation of her terrace, so after all it was worthy to let us invade her house.

What gear did we use?

We shot with two cameras Sony F55, and we used a drone for all the aerial shots.

The show was fully edited in Premiere Pro, and all motion graphics were created using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

What was the result?

The result was an awesome terrace for Erika De La Vega, and a really fun show to watch for Discovery En Español GO app viewers. Wanna watch it? If you’re in the US go to the Discovery En Español GO app, or write us an email and we’ll send you a special link so you can enjoy it.

What did we learn?

We learned a great deal about patterns and texture combinations for our home projects, something Ingrid may use for her own backyard project -if she ever decides to do something about it!