nissan | mina


What is it?

This is the Director’s cut of a branded content spot for History Channel Latin America and Nissan. The spot was shot in Mexico, in a mine located about two hours from Mexico City, in just one day!

What did we do?

Our role in this project was the production and post-production.

Who else was involved?

We worked closely with History Channel Creative Services’ team and Nissan in order to create an engaging visually narrative that resonates with both brands and that highlights the truck features naturally into the story.

What gear did we use?

This shoot was challenging because the time constrains, so we needed a reliable camera that also allow us to move fast and easy inside the car and from the different locations in the mine, that is why we decided to use a Canon 5D Mark IV and we couldn’t be happier with the astounding results.

What was the result?

This was a really challenging project because of multiple reasons, one of the most important was the time constrains, but our team successfully rose off to the occasion and created a dynamic and visually interesting story.