norwegian cruise line | break free


What is it?

2020 was an exhausting year to say the least. A worldwide pandemic, quarantining 24/7, and bad news after bad news. We all need a break, or at least to start thinking about when we might return to relatively “normalcy”.

So, this is the 2021’s worldwide ad campaign for Norwegian Cruise Line: Break Free. Using Queen’s legendary “I want to Break Free”, Norwegian invites you to imagine and book that very well deserved next vacation onboard one of its great ships and visiting wonderful locations.

What did we do?

We were in charge of the whole post-production of the video, from the editing to the color correction, to the audio mix, to the final delivery.

Since the spot was launched as part of a worldwide campaign, we were also in charge of the different languages versions. We did more 10 different language adaptations.

We also worked on adaptations for radio and digital spots, for domestic and international versions.

Who else was involved?

We worked very closely with Norwegian’s Video Production and Creative team. They gave us a detailed brief and storyboard for what they wanted to achieve with the spot. We worked hand-in-hand with them in every step of the post-production process. During the project’s duration, we practically became part of Norwegian’s team, and it was a great experience.

What was the result?

The result is an eye-catching and compelling spot that gives you an incredible desire to break free on a Norwegian cruise vacation.