dish | premier league


What is it?

This is a spot created to promote the DISH Anywhere App through a story involving Miguel Gurwitz, one of “Telemundo Deportes” main sports commentator. Since he only commentates the pre-game and post-game, in the spot we explore in a funny way, what in the world Miguel Gurwitz does in his downtime while a Premier League soccer game starts.

The situations Miguel finds himself while he goes on a run are the perfect tie-in to explore the features that the new Dish Anywhere app offers their clients and Premier League fans, so they can watch the games on Telemundo wherever they are.

What did we do?

Or team was in charge of the production and post-production of the spot.

Our director, Estaban Arango, ideated a very specific narrative and visual language for the spot. He worked closely with our storyboard artist in order to create a detailed storyboard to present to the clients so they can see frame by frame how he was visualizing the spot.

Additionally, our production team was in charge of all the aspects concerning to the pre-production and shoot day, such as: location scouting, location permits, talent’s casting, art direction and props, wardrobe, tech scout, talent scheduling, among many others. Especial kudos to our wardrobe team that had to do a one-of-a-kind stunt with Miguel Gurwitz’s suit, and after a few attempts it came out great!

To finalize, our post-production was in charge of the editing, compositing (a lot of it!), color correction, sound design and audio mix.

Who else was involved?

We worked closely with “Telemundo Deportes” creative team, they came out with the idea and script for the spot. From the beginning, they were really supportive of our director’s visual proposal and they’re input was really helpful during the whole project. They also did a great job presenting the proposal to Dish, who were really happy with the work, every step of the way.

What gear did we use?

We shoot with the Alexa Mini with Cooke cinema primes lenses, and we paired them with one the director’s favorite tools of trade: Gold FX and Glimmer Glass filters. What these nifty things do once you drop them in front of the lens is to reduce sharpness while maintaining resolution, and introduce blooming in bright areas of the image. Skin tones become much more even, blemishes are erased, and everything seems to blend in and become much more cohesive. In other words, it’s like magic!

What was the result?

The result is a spot with comedy bits that tells a funny story around the Dish Anywhere App in a refreshing way, helping create engagement between the Dish and “Telemundo Deportes” brands, making this story and product memorable for the audience.