telemundo | pride month


What is it?

This is the director’s cut version of the main spot for Telemundo’s first Pride Month campaign: “Celebrando el mes del Orgullo”.

This campaign features four authentic and personal stories told by members of the LGBTQ+ Latin community, and the friends and family who proudly stand with them. Each story provides a unique perspective on strength, humanity, unconditional love, and the need for inclusion and acceptance.

What did we do?

When Telemundo contacted us for this project, they already had identified the four LGBTQ+ members that they wanted to participate in the campaign. They all had very heartfelt stories of love and acceptance, so we had a great responsibility in being truth to these stories, and tell them in an engaging and emotional way that could resonate with Telemundo’s audience.

Our director, David Navarro, was in charge of ideating a vision and visual narrative for the project. He divided it in three sections: the interview, the b-roll and the color explosion.

The setting for the interview should felt intimate and cozy, like a family’s living room, a place where the LGBTQ+ member and his/her/them ally could feel comfortable and talk openly.

Then the b-roll set up needed to be an open place, with a lot of light where the subject could interact closely with the camera in order to capture beauty shots that revealed the realness of the character.

And to close, a color explosion as a way to celebrate the achievements and tenacity of the LGBTQ+ community and its individuals.

Our art and special effects team were in charge of recreating the director’s vision into reality, especially when it came to the color explosion. Additionally, our production team was in charge of all the aspects concerning to the pre-production and shoot day, such as: location scouting, location rental, tech scout, special effects test, talent scheduling, among many others.

Also we were in charge of the post-production of the campaign, including: editing of five different spots and its cutdowns, plus color correction, sound design and audio mix.

Who else was involved?

We worked closely with Telemundo’s creative director, Yenny Cárdenas, and creative manager, Karina Lange, as well as its production logistics’ team. They were incredible supportive, and their input was essential for the success of the campaign.

Also, we need to recognize the incredible people from the LGBTQ+ community and their allies that were the protagonist of this campaign: Charlie Ruiz Vazquez and her mom Mary Ruiz, Arianna Lint and her friend Tony Lima, Eduardo Placer and his sister Cristina Placer, and Yameeliz Fret and her uncle Eduardo Tejera, not just for sharing their powerful personal stories but also for being real team players during the production shoot.

What gear did we use?

For the interviews and b-roll we used two RED Komodo cameras. For the color explosion we needed a camera that allowed us to record as many frames-per-second as possible, so we can capture the colors in all its beauty. In order to achieve that, we used a Phantom Flex 4K that allowed us to capture the color explosion at 1,000 frames-per-second and believe us, it was spectacular.

What was the result?

“Celebrando el mes del Orgullo” help spread a positive and inclusive message never seen before in a US Hispanic channel, and these kinds of socially relevant messages are needed more than ever in our Latin community, and to be part of a campaign like this make us really proud of our work.