miccosukee | branding video


What is it?

This is a branding video for the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida. The tribe has different tourist attractions: a resort and gaming location, the Indian village, the airboats, among others; but most locals and tourists that visit South Florida aren’t aware of these. So the idea behind this video was to present to a mainstream audience these attractions as a way to experience the Miccosukee culture and their unique way of life.

What did we do?

We were the production company in charge of the project, and we also did the post-production of the video, including the editing, color correction, sound design and audio mix.

Who else was involved?

For this project we worked again very close with the creative team of McClatchy, their support and help was instrumental for the production of this video.

What gear did we use?

We had one very specific challenge. We needed to match footage from this shoot with other footage from other commercials that we did for Miccosukee, such as the Resort & Gaming and the Golf & Country Club spots. Taking this into consideration, the director and the director of photography, agreed that one of the ways to achieve this was to use the same camera and lenses that were used in those spots. So, for this branding video we used the Alexa Mini camera again and paired it with Lomo lenses.

What was the result?

The result is a visually stunning video that takes us on an emotional ride, while capturing the real nature of the Miccosukee people and the untamed beauty of the Everglades. Definitely this branding video is one of our favorite projects that we ever worked on.