vix | algo personal con jorge ramos


What is it?

We know Jorge Ramos from the everyday news. His name is synonymous with great journalism, covering politics, immigration, and controversial issues. But for his latest show, Jorge Ramos wanted to do something different and tackle more personal topics with his interviewees. This is the launch spot for “Algo personal con Jorge Ramos”, his new show for the streaming service ViX.

What did we do?

We were responsible for both production and post-production of the spot.

The production day was a bit challenging due to time constraints. Since Jorge Ramos an extremely busy journalist with a packed schedule, we knew ahead of time that we only had an hour to shot everything that we needed for the spot.

We planned for a shoot with very limited time, setting up the lighting, camera equipment, and props ahead of time. The Director and crew even practiced and obtained some b-roll beforehand, so that by the time Jorge Ramos arrived on set, we were ready to shoot as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the spot. Jorge was great, and even stayed longer to shoot some exclusive questions for social media. We had a great time during the shoot, and it was a real pleasure to work with a legendary journalist like Jorge Ramos.

Who else was involved?

ViX’s creative team conceived the idea and developed the script, so we worked closely with them to bring to life a spot that would show a more intimate and never-before-seen side of Jorge Ramos.

What gear did we use?

We shot using the Alexa Mini LF camera paired with prime lenses and a series of filters, that allowed the director of photography to play with the exterior colors and lighting.

What was the result?

The result was a beautiful spot that allowed us to the see an intimate and different side of one of the more respected Hispanic journalists in the United States: Jorge Ramos.