didi | para los movidos


What is it?

This is the main spot of a campaign that we developed from idea, to scriptwriting, to production and post-production, to final delivery for DiDi, a global ride sharing and delivery service that is getting into the Latin American market.

What did we do?

Well, we did everything, and we loved it! This is the kind of project that we enjoy the most because we are able to participate every step of the way.

To begin with, the client came with a brief and wanted us to develop different creative proposals for a campaign that had as its main goal to increase the awareness of the brand in its main markets in Latin America, as well as help recruit new drivers for its ridesharing and delivery services.

After the client choose of the of the creative proposals, we started the process of working on the scripts for the different spots of the campaign.

Then we moved to the production phase. Since the spots needed to represent different countries of Latin America, we considered the possibility of shooting in Mexico City, Bogota, or Buenos Aires, and ultimately decided to shoot in Argentina with our production partners in that country.

Casting and location scouting were crucial because we needed to represent Latin America, not just Argentina. We found great talent from different countries, as well as locations that could look like any city in the region.

It was a two-day shoot with many moving parts to get all the shots needed for the campaign while keeping to a tight schedule and budget.

On the post-production side, we handle the editing, color correction, sound design, audio mix, and final delivery of nine main spots, each with multiple versions, including re-sizing for social media.

Who else was involved?

We couldn’t have done this without our production partners in Argentina and our director Lucas Murillo, they all gave their 1000% to make this production a reality and to deliver an effective campaign to our client.

What was the result?

The result was a really happy client! DiDi’s Latin American team were amazed at how we were able to support their project’s needs from the idea creation to the final delivery of the spots of their campaign. We were their partners during all the different stages, answering questions and guiding them through all the process. At the end, DiDi global bosses were more than delighted with the creativity and quality of the campaign and its results.