telemundo deportes | fifa world cup - hear the call


What is it?

This is the spot that shows how the Telemundo Deportes’ team of experts, analyst and narrators learned that they would be covering the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It is a fun story with sci-fi elements that allow us to see Andrés Cantor and his colleagues like never before.

What did we do?

Think Twice’s director Esteban Arango developed the vision and storytelling for a very fun script created by the Telemundo Deportes creative team.

Additionally, our team was in charge of producing all the interior scenes, which were shot in Miami at the Telemundo Deportes studio. And our post-production team worked on all the necessary magic, such as editing, color correction, compositing (a lot of it!) to create an unforgettable spot.

Who else was involved?

This project was a great team effort led by the Telemundo Deportes and its Marketing team. Since some of the soccer experts lived in different cities around the world, Telemundo’s team worked with a variety of local crews to shoot with all the talent. They shot in cities such as Montevideo, London, Mexico City, among many others. Once the footage was shot, they sent it to us so we could continue putting together the soccer puzzle.

What gear did we use?

We shot with the Alexa Mini camera paired with anamorphic lenses.

What was the result?

The result is a really fun and creative spot with a sci-fi feel to it. A very original take that differs a lot from the classic spots created to announce the team that will cover the World Cup or any major sports event. Kudos to Telemundo's Deportes and its marketing team for taking the risk of creating such a original spot to promote the FIFA World Cup.